How to Prepare Jollof Rice in a Rice Cooker

Searching for a quick method for cooking Jollof rice? Real, delectable tasting Jollof Rice in the comfort of a rice cooker or Moment Pot? I hear you saying, ‘Sign me up as of now.’

Presently, we should be exceptionally clear. The profundity of good Jollof rice is in the base. There are heaps of strategies to make a decent base. You start with the right mix of peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Slash, season, and dish flawlessly. Then, at that point, you implant the oil with onions and flavors. Sear the poignancy out of the tomato glue. Present your simmered base. Then, at that point, present your flavors, including curry, thyme, white pepper, and so on. Cook until everything is very much hitched. Presently you can continue on toward cooking your Jollof in the Moment Pot or slow cooker. This is, plus or minus, a 45-hour long prep process.

That doesn’t sound so natural, right? Honestly, a very much cooked base is non-debatable with regards to great Jollof. Indeed, the uplifting news is, we can skirt every one of the means above and just utilize the Atare Food sources JollofNow cooking glue. This glue is a lifeline and an incredible expansion to each kitchen. It’s the Jollof you know and love, with every one of the normal fixings you would use in your own kitchen, introduced to you in a prepared to-utilize design. Welcome to present day comfort without settling for less.”

Cooked Jollof rice in a rice cooker

Slow cooker/Moment Pot Jollof Rice Recipe
1 Container AtareFoods JollofNow glue
3 cups parboiled or sella basmati rice
3-4 cups stock or water*
3-4 stock shapes – to taste
Salt – to taste
Wash the rice until water runs clear. Channel and put away.
In your moment pot or rice cooker, add the stock (water), JollofNow. Mix until all around consolidated.
Taste the stock and add more salt, stock shape as well as pepper on a case by case basis.
Mix in washed rice
In the event that utilizing a rice cooker, turn on the cook capability and cover. In the case of utilizing moment pot, turn on the rice capability and cover.
Once finished. mix to consolidate. Include a few spread and newly cut tomatoes in the event that you are feeling extravagant.
There’s nothing more to it!!! it’s in a real sense under 5 minutes of prep to make completely heavenly Jollof Rice. Serve your Jollof with decision of protein. I love mine with Seared egg and barbecued turkey wing.

Plate of jollof rice with broiled egg atasu pepper sauce barbecued turkey wing and spinach

Recipe note: I’m suggesting 3 0r 4 cups of fluid just as an issue of inclination. On the off chance that you incline toward a simply rice surface of rice, utilize 3 cups. Assuming you lean toward milder finished rice, utilize 4 cups

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