Body odour is one bad feature nobody wishes to have, bad body comes to play when one has a very bad and unpleasant smell making people around him or her uncomfortable, bad body odour can lead to so many unforeseen circumstances such loose of friends, stigmatization, and co. body odour can result from not bathing regularly, or going to sleep after a hectic day’s work. One can do away with bad body odour and have a nice smell by following the following procedures;

  1. Bathing regularly
  2. Applying lemon or lime water to armpit and other sweat regions 5 minutes before taking shower.
  3. Applying deodorants after bath such as Rexona, Dove and co.
  4. Keeping dresses clean and ironed at all times.
  1. Do not repeat dresses more than twice before washing them.
  2. Ensure boxer, pants and singlets are washed daily to avoid hording sweat in them which can generate very bad smells.

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