An episode of chickenpox at Benue’s IDP camp

It has been affirmed that there is a rising instance of chickenpox and different illnesses in the Agagbe Inside Dislodged People (IDPs) camp in Gwer LGA of Benue State.

Day-to-day POST reviews that no less than nine youngsters were contaminated with measles at a similar camp a week ago.

The executive of the IDP camp, Mr Terna Jacob, told Day to day POST that chickenpox was identified by a few clinical specialists from a close by confidential medical clinic.

He said the specialists informed some administration authorities who visited the camp throughout the end of the week.

The public authority authorities, who, as per the camp chief, were from the State Crisis The executives Organization (SEMA) had visited to discover whether the instances of measles, different sicknesses, and craving revealed in the media were valid.

“SEMA was here to affirm the broad news in the Agagbe IDP camp concerning ailment and appetite. They talked with Mrs Ioryoosu Udisugh, who conceived an offspring in the latrine, and she recounted to them a similar story.

“They went to the European Monetary People group (EEC) emergency clinic, Agagbe, where the specialists affirmed the circumstance to be valid (for measles). Those specialists likewise detailed chickenpox to them,” Jacob said.

In the mean time, the camp administrator revealed that Reverend Dad Bua Cletus, the vicar responsible for St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Agagbe, informed him that two individuals sent N70,000 into his record to assist with major problems of disorder at the IDP camp in Agagbe.

“We have had the option to take them to St Francis Xavier Essential Medical care, Agagbe, up until this point. On the off chance that the cash remains, we will in any case take in additional evil individuals,” the camp chief set.

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