It’s obvious WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used social media platforms for communications and business transactions. Have you bought a new phone and wish to have one WhatsApp account running on the two phones at the same time? Well, worry not for we have a way out for you in this article.

  1. First of all, make sure you have internet access for the two phones.
  2. Download WhatsApp on the new phone from Play Store.
  3. Open WhatsApp on the two phones,
  4. On the new phone, follow the prompts till you get to the stage where you have to enter your phone number, then move to the top right corner and tap on the 3 dotted symbols, from the resultant menu tap on “link an existing account”.
  1. On the old phone, tap on the same “3-dotted symbol” at the top right corner and select link a device, then use the QR scanner provided on the old phone to scan the code on the new phone.
  2. Wait for the account to sync on the new phone, then you are good to go.

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